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One of the most scenic areas of North Mississauga…a host of walking trails all lead to Lake Aquitaine. This man-made lake supports a number of wildlife, including birds like Mallard ducks and Canada geese; (stocked) fish; and smaller critters, like squirrels. It’s a great spot to fish (on the dock area) or stroll.

Children love the splash pad and many enjoy the outside basketball court found on the grounds of the Meadowvale Community Centre. You can rollerblade or bike too.

Condo townhomes, detached dwellings and apartments surround the lake. I have seen many homeowner sit on their back porch and have dinner with this great backdrop.

There are several wooden “bridges” and paths to take, some leading to a playground for kids.

My family always enjoys walking along the path through “Hunter’s Green” Park, then under Glen Erin in the tunnel. When we emerge, there is a small forest grove, which shifts us from the bustle of the city to the tranquility that only a forest can provide. Many felled trees and new growth can be found here. Tall trees provide a lovely canopy on a hot day. This short walk sets the pace for the rest of our tour along the paths to Lake Aquitaine. Once around the park, a splash in the water and home!


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