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Just took a bike tour of Lake Wabukayne in north-west Mississauga (Glen Erin + Britannia) with my 9-year old. We took Glen Erin Dr south and headed east along Inkake Cres, and took the path that appeared shortly afterwards. We travelled down, through a tunnel and were immediately immersed in a coccon of lush greenery and wildlife. We parked our bikes on a wooden bridge nestled under a huge willow tree. The Mallard ducks immediately swam to greet us, quaking all the way. A man sat on the far side of the dock, fishing.

A family passed us by, 2 kids on bikes and a couple being pulled by a husky dog. At one point I wished for my own mush dog, as there are a couple of large hills to navigate up, even with the momentum of a downward hill beforehand.

Many black squirrels and birds twittered in the dense forest surrounding the lake. It was only on our way home that we noticed any homes at all. It is a lovely, secluded paradise in the city! Thanks for the recommendation, will certainly visit again.

Find out more about Lake Wabukayne at http://www.ontariotrails.on.ca/trails-a-z/lake-wabukayne-trail/


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